VoIPTalk handsets configuration guide:


  • Make sure that your SIP Phone is turned on and has an active Internet connection
  • In your phone’s configuration options there should be an option to define a SIP Server, SIP Registrar or SIP Domain value. Set the value to: voiptalk.org
  • For SIP Authentication, set your SIP User ID or similar to your VoIPtalk ID (eg 84411076) and set SIP Password or similar to your six-digit VoIPtalk Password
  • If you have an Outbound Proxy setting, set this to: nat.voiptalk.org:5065 if this setting allows you to define the port in a separate field, set the IP Address to: nat.voiptalk.org and the port number to: 5065
  • Confirm the settings by reloading or rebooting your phone. Dial 902 to confirm your configuration
  • If you encounter any problems, make sure that your IP Router or ISP is not blocking any traffic, specifically on ports 5060 and 5065. Also ensure that the router is not blocking UDP traffic


Test Numbers

902 – confirm